Safety Precautions

1) Position the water dispenser on a horizontal, structurally sound surface. i.e. desk or table top. Leave adequate space (10cm to 20cm) behind the water dispenser for good ventilation but position away from children to prevent them from accessing the rear of the unit.

  2)Position the water dispenser out of direct sunlight and away from heat and excessive damp areas.

  3)Position the drip / drain tray / holder correctly .

Do not position the water dispenser too close to furniture and household electrical appliances, as water spills can cause damage and possible risk of injury.

  4)Under no circumstances should you adjust the length of the power cable nor should you modify the power plug in case of causing the cable to overheat or possible risk of fire.

  5)In case of ice build-up in the cold water tap, please switch the cooling switch to off position and switch back on after 4 hours.

  6)Note: Do not connect the electrical power supply until the water is running freely out of the hot water tap.

  7)A standard 3-pin electrical socket wall outlet is required to plug in the water dispenser. It is advisable to use a power surge / circuit breaker protector.