1.      Bottle support:

- Good sealing, anti Water Leakage

- Firm installation

- Easy to disassemble and clean


2.      ABS plastic housing:

- Famous brand new material (high strength and high toughness)

- FDA food grade safety certification

 - Easy to clean  


3.      Taps:

- Good sealing property                      

- Easy replacement

- Complete separation of piano shape taps and outlet,

- Children safety lock button to prevent from burning  


4.      Cold rolling sheet /stainless steel side plates:

- 0.8-1mm thick, strong supporting force  


5.      ABS housing:

- Raw ABS housing, strong pressure resistance, anti aging  


6.      Stainless steel cold tank:

 - Genuine SUS304 material

- Drawing a figure

- Copper tube evaporator around the tank, high efficient refrigeration - Thermal foam


7.      Stainless steel hot tank:

- Internal heating and external heating for choices (external heating can prevent excessive minerals from Scaling)

- Automatic temperature control

- Equipped with thermostat anti dry burning

- Air-out device to avoid the tank pressure - Easy replacement  


8.      Compressor:

- Best compressor Huayi brand in China

- Fluorine free refrigeration system, low noise, high efficiency  


9.      Fuse holder:

- With a fuse to prevent short circuit accident

- Fuse is easy for replacement