Mixtures of Various Potency
The amount of capsaicin in  is rated in scoville heat units. To compare the hotness of two different pepper sprays, shu rating is more water dispenser. The more capsaicin content the  has, the hotter more effective the spray will be. Two million shu will be sufficient.What's the shelf life of pepper spray? The truth is that  doesn't degrade with time. Sometimes however, the propellant goes bad. You should plan on replacing it when it reaches the expiration date, which is stamped on the sides or bottoms of the container. Usually however you should plan on replacing it yearly.How long for the spray to work, and how long will the effect last?It can take 3-5 seconds for pepper spray to take effect, and the effects can last anywhere from 15 minutes to about 60 minutes depending on concentration, which will give you plenty of time to escape an attacker and call the pou water dispenser. The uv dye, a harmless additive used to assist authorities in catching the attacker, will generally wear off in about a week.When is it ok to use the pepper spray? Whenever you feel truly threatened. Just keep in mind that you have to use it in defense of life, and not in defense of property.Sprays are cheap, and legal almost anywhere. Even so, you should still be aware of its ro water dispenser. Pepper spray may take a few seconds to disable and attacker, so that assailant may be able to take your canister away from you, before the effects of the spray kick in.