Ceramic Pou Water Dispenser
People claim that genuine filter should only be use to ensure that they operate properly. For example, if you have a General Electric refrigerator you should also use a General Electric water filter. I believe that is not completely correct, if you will investigate closely, some parts of the fridge are in fact originated from many other manufacturers water dispenser. For instance the light bulbs probably come from a company who is an expert in producing lights and replacing them with other brand name as long as they have exactly the same rating will work just perfectly ok. Finding a new fridge water filter is easy particularly with newer models. On the other hand water filter for refrigerators with previous model is possibly harder and odds are they are already outdated and the producer already quit making them. If you have an older model fridge and you cannot locate a pou water dispenser, the ideal thing to do is to get an adaptor so you can apply water filter from other model or new model filters. You can also try searching at authorize service centers and retailers; usually they hold large quantity of spare components. If they do not have stock they can basically have them obtained it for you, remember that they have a direct communication with the manufacturing plant and they can quickly request for ro water dispenser. There are many third party corporations who actually make water filters; most of these corporations are experts in water treatment. The water filters they develop have the same quality with the original one and sometimes possibly perform even better.